An off-grid system is capable of powering a very wide range of appliances and devices with dependable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the utility grid. .



Not just TV, access  the internet via satellite, anywhere you are in the world. Place your satellite dish in an unobstructed line of sight to initiate all satellite services


Green Energy

You can harvest energy from sun wind or water. Know your are, see what the latter has potential of providing more energy. Pick the right solar, turbine or hydro-system and you are good to go.

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  • Off-Grid systems that can get you more
    from the sun, water and wind.

    Brian Anderson, Shop Owner
  • Green energy causes no polution and
    its renewable so may never run out.

    Mary Ali, Shop Owner
  • Receive digital satellite programmes and internet
    wherever you are in the world.

    Nicholas Paxman, Shop Owner

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