Satellite Internet and Tv beyond terrestrial

Satellite Internet – How does it work?

For millions of people living in rural Areas, satellite broadband is the only type of high-speed internet available. Despite the drawbacks, satellite internet constitutes a vast improvement over a conventional dial-up connection.

With satellite Internet data is transmitted and received from a relatively small satellite dish on Earth which communicates with satellite lots of miles above Earth’s equator. The satellite transmits (or receives) via the Network Operations Center or NOC located on Earth . The NOC is connected to the Internet so all communication will flow through the NOC before it reaches the Internet.

Due to this simplicity, broadband is delivered just about wherever you want without needing a terrestrial network or phone line. As long as your site has an unobstructed view of the where the required satellite is, you can have a satellite internet dish installed quickly and economically.

However, like terrestrial broadband with its speed issues due to the distance from the exchange, satellite speeds is the same wherever you are in the footprint. However, because everyone is relatively the same distance from the satellite broadband, there is a high-latency service it will not be as instantly responsive as most equivalent terrestrial services, despite its true broadband speed.