Wind SolarModule Hybrid

The  wind Solar Module –  Hybrid: The set up

The Solar(sun)

Off-grid systems use batteries to store the energy that solar panels collect. Energy is collected and used, the energy that is not used is always stored in a battery to use as and when. Energy that is collected from the solar panels is used immediately, any excess energy that is not used is sent back on the grid or stored in a battery.

You will continue to have power as long as the sun shines and the stored battery energy is not depleted. However, its also best to have the best layout for better energy maximisation. There are two options for power through power outages with solar.

One way is to use a grid-tied battery backup system. The system will function the same as a grid-tied system, feeding the energy back on to the grid while maintaining optimal battery health. So, when the grid connection is lost, the battery backup inverter will stop feeding the main panel and instead feed the priority panel. The priority panel is separated from the main panel by a transfer switch, similar to what is used with a conventional generator. The advantage here is that the inverter will then feed this priority loads panel with power from the batteries and the solar energy until the connection to the grid returns.

The other method, is to use an inverter . You will only get power supply only when the sun is shining and the energy produced cannot supply more current than the inverter’s maximum output. However, this is far cheaper than a battery backup system and provides more security than a conventional grid-tied system. There is hope for great advances currently being made in battery and battery storage, so hope it gets better.

The Turbine (wind)

We do not suggest Wind Systems in cities. Because for a wind system to be cost effective it needs to be installed high enough to be out of the turbulent wind stream. Within the city, most properties are not large enough to allow for the proper placement of leader lines that hold the tower in place.

If a Wind Turbine is properly placed, wind is a wonderful source of energy for off-grid systems. Turbines are better in areas with more wind than sun. Hower the wind solar module is suitable for both, best of both.