Solar Groundwater System

From small communities to the world at large, climate change has already made its presence known. Surface water availability has been impacted by common climate change symptoms like shifting seasonal rains, changing glacial melt patterns and intensified droughts and floods. A lot of farmers have already turned to groundwater pumping inorder to cope with supply shortages at the surface in the end to meet increasing demand for agricultural produce.

Among the new methods invent to pump water with considerable efforts and no grid energy is the use of Solar water pumping systems.

Solar water pumping systems are a modern and proven means of pumping water in rural or locations where access to grid power is not available, unreliable. The pumping systems use photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into electricity to power DC pumps which can be used to pump the groundwater.

With green energy and automation it makes this method very convenient to use.