Off Grid Inverter Charger – Pure Sine Wave

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The device includes AC/DC function a pure sine wave inverter, an inverter charger,a UPS and an AVR.
It can be wall mounted or kept free standing.

With UPS feature, it acts as a backup source of power for electrical appliances: for powering fans, pumps, central heating, computers, internet devices, home appliance etc.

If you prefer you can connect solar panels, even in additional to an external solar regulator.

With a wide range of applications, you can use it for supply your home devices in case of a power cut or off-grid.

But it can only work with pure sine wave inverter generators.
The spec
High efficiency Iow static loss, much more energy-saving new Toroidal transformer type design
It has a 32-bit high speed CPU controlled, swift reponse speed, more accurate detection
A friendly operation interface with an LED colorful humanistic display, which clearly states the device’s working status, the input & output yoltage, battery status, the loading status and more.
Pure sine wave output, suitable for almost all of appliance
Short switchover time, guarantees the connected appliances uninterruptable usage;
The Vantilation fan is auto, , fan capacity based on the setting temperature and working status.


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